Improved Lighting for Commercial Garage

Improved Lighting for Commercial Garage

Client: Kirkby Tyres – Speke Boulevard Speke Liverpool

Brief: The client wanted to have a fresh look to the warehousing as it was very gloomy conditions and staff members were finding it hard to find stock. We were brought in to come up with a solution by improving the lighting and reducing running costs. We were able to achieve this by thoroughly researching the commercial lighting market.

It turned out that the lights supplied and installed will pay for themselves within 2 years due to the energy being saved from the old fittings and with the use of aisle sensors turning off the lights when no one is present.

Upgrading of 150 old warehouse lights from 400W metal halide LOW bays to 200W LED High bays incorporating aisle sensors to conserve energy when certain parts of warehouse are empty of staff. Including new wiring and installation of 3 phase fuse boards.

Installation of 10 metre lighting posts for newly extended outside storage of tyres.